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gmglasslogo111 pngGM Glass Works No.2

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Member Since :2013
Business Type :Glass Bottle Manufacturing
Website :http://gmglassindia.com
Country : INDIA


GM Glass Works No.2 or Girdharilal Manoharlal Glass Works No.2 to be precise is one of the gems of a group of 8-9 industries that are producing various kinds of glass products. This group collectively has an installed per day capacity of around 200 M.T. The group currently boasts a total turnover of Rs. 200 crores and has exports of around 20 Crores.

The Group is presently manufacturing a wide range of glass products that include Tumblers, tableware, headlight covers, glass refills etc.

GM Glass Works is producing all types of glass containers whether its beer bottles or any other glass bottles used in daily need products. GM glass Works has the capacity and is determined to cater glass bottle industry in its full volume.

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GM Glass Works No.2

Contact Person:

Mr. Deepak Gupta(Bitia)

Street Address :

GM Glass Works, Agra Road, Firozabad, 283203, Uttar Pradesh, India

Phone :

+91 9897035421

Mobile :

+91 9897035421

Fax :

+91 9837095755

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